Co-creating a conscious world

“I believe that consciousness is the key to creating a better world, starting from within. Being conscious in the way we talk, think, feel and act. Through consciousness we can practice self love and hold space for ourselves, in all our aspects. This is the fundament in all the creative work that we do. By co-creating a community, running projects and serving some food for thought that can inspire further inner development”. 

Founder and creative director

Touraj Bandéh

Founder and creative director


Have you seen "The Travellers?" Watch our beautiful short movie portraying love beyond the borders of religion

This weekends meditation was filled up quickly and we are so lucky to have many more of you who wants to meditate together with us.

Therefor we decided to set up a new session in just a couple of weeks. Next opportunity will be 25th of October from 14-19. Reserve your seat here, as its only a couple of seats left: First come, first served.

We look forward to guide you to get going with your own meditation practice. A great tool to radically transform your life for the better!

📸: Reidun Westvik Lauritzen

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