Chris Hovde

Chris Hovde, is an urban monk who is passionate about his purpose to make people and robots fight together for a better society. His core values are sustainability, equality and authenticity. 

He was born in Skien and raised in Drammen and Bergen. He now lives in Oslo. He is educated within Retailing Management from BI, management theories from NHH, an Executive Master in Management and a master’s program in Digital Transformation and Leadership from Oslo MET. 

He has broad business experience from various leadership positions and HR in large international companies such as Telia, IKEA and Varner Group, as well as the former CEO of an Oslo based healthcare clinic called Balder. He has been nominated for a number of awards for his company and leadership blog ( and for his young leadership talent. 

He is the CEO and Co-Founder of ConsciousNorway and is an active mentor, coach and advisor for everything from startups, to business leaders and youth.

Touraj Bandéh (Tooji)

Creative leader and co-founder of ConsciousNorway. Educated within children’s welfare and integrative psychotherapy. Former family therapist and communication advisor for Bufdir and Blåkors. He also worked as television host for NRK, MTV and Nickelodeon. 

Illustrator and author of the children´s book series  “Taki & Grandma” that was based on a mix of his own childhood and the children he would meet on his path through humanistic work. With a aim to give children emotional competence by teaching them the life lesson keys of knowing how to deal with sadness, the dynamics of life and knowledge to find their own truth instead of the one that society would limit them to. 

Director of “The Father Project” and “The travellers”, his activism through art carries political messages regarding human rights, specially focusing on LGBTQ and womens rights. He has also worked as a songwriter writing in many genres from house/pop to K-pop.

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